From a private section of the fifth floor our spacious Terrace offers a dramatic all glass floor-to-ceiling experience which literally lets the room bask in invigorating natural light. Along with its unbeatable location in the very heart of Stockholm, unlimited wireless internet access and a high definition projector for presentations it is certainly the perfect place for your next company gathering.

In the open plan area of our Terrace form and function join together in a beautiful relationship which exudes a feeling of high end exclusivity. With two private balconies and a private restroom this space offers a great level of self-sufficiency. Combined with room service access to our full restaurant menu our Terrace is ideal even for longer conferences and all-day events.

The seating arrangements are highly adaptable and with minimal effort we are able to customize the space according to your needs and desires. Of course, any booking of our Terrace comes complete with full access to free WiFi, a projector for presentations, notebooks and other office supplies.

For more joyous occasions the Terrace can be arranged to generate a more informal and festive atmosphere. With the moonlight shining through the glass ceiling and creating the biggest disco ball of all time the Terrace truly has the look of an exceptional event space. Also, with its location in the heart of down town Stockholm, the Terrace can just as well be the perfect starting point for an exciting night at one of the many night clubs and bars around the city.



Exclusivity and privacy define the atmosphere of our Chambre Separeé which offers a great experience for smaller formal gatherings.


Welcome to the Ballerina room. A place where you’re able to socialize in the comfort of a lounge environment.