Exclusivity and privacy define the atmosphere of our Chambre Separeé which offers a great experience for smaller formal gatherings. This room features some impressive architectural design work, highlighted by the massive Swedish limestone table, contrasting beautifully with the soft organic lines of the space. Around the table you will find Italian chairs from the famous design house of Cassina. Gently wrapped in exquisite leather the sleek design of these chairs is always beautifully displayed thanks to the gentle caress of streaks of light originating from our customized roof hanging lamps.

The flexibility of this beloved space gives you a lot of options to choose from. Many companies choose to book our Chambre Separeé for smaller conference meetings. However, with private access to our restaurant kitchen, there are also great opportunities to conduct a formal dining service or even a modern take on the concept of a “chef’s table”.

Menus of meetings and events

Our restaurant offers a culinary concept with updated takes on Swedish and international classics. Furthermore, our chef has also designed a special event style menu, exclusively available for larger social or company gatherings.



From a private section of the fifth floor our spacious Terrace offers a dramatic all glass floor-to-ceiling experience.


Welcome to the Ballerina room. A place where you’re able to socialize in the comfort of a lounge environment.