Architecture & Design

This building which we are now proud to call the home of our beloved Miss Clara Hotel was originally constructed to serve as one Sweden’s largest girls’ school. Designed by Swedish architects Hagström & Ekman and completed in 1910 this building was a stunning vision of contemporary Art Nouveau excellence.

A house filled with possibilities

Over the past 100 years a lot of things have changed. This building has gone from being a famous educational institution to serving as an office building before finally being remodeled into the current layout of our hotel. Today our seven story structure is carefully planned and designed by the award winning and world famous architect Gert Wingårdh. Sustainable material use, intuitive and distinct functionality and Art Nouveau celebration have all been cornerstones in the design process of our charming and exclusive boutique style hotel.

Coexistence with the inner city atmosphere

Being situated on Sveavägen 48 our hotel is in the absolute midst of all the fun and excitement of inner city Stockholm. Early in his creative process, Gert Wingårdh wanted his design language to emphasize the hotel’s relationship with its surroundings. This resulted in an entry level layout which enfolds the urban atmosphere and allows everything from reception to bar and restaurant areas to harmonically blend in with the urban feeling of the neighborhood.

Our rooms

Moving up the original 1910 staircase to the second floor you’ll have your first acquaintance with our hotel rooms, 92 in total. Every room is well planned and designed to communicate a stylish yet intimate expression. All rooms are highlighted by dark herringbone parquet floors. The beautiful color of the floors runs seamlessly through the different sections of each room before culminating in a grand window bench, containing a mini fridge, a safe deposit, loads of storage room while also providing our guests with a lovely on-top seating arrangement, perfect for admiring the view of our beautiful city.
In every room we’ve had the intent of maximizing the amount of sun light finding its way in. By having one the walls designed in frosted glass even our exquisite limestone and tile bathrooms are blessed with this natural source of precious energy.

Modern functionality incorporated in timeless design

Gert Wingårdh has successfully managed to create a warm and personal atmosphere, without neither compromising the functionality nor the urban boutique feeling of our hotel.

The design process has mainly been focused around authentic craftsmanship, beautiful esthetics and solid raw materials, highlighted by our high quality leather furniture and magnificent limestone and parquet floors. We feel that we’ve been able to create hotel environment which combines timeless charm with the flexibility of modern expression, a combination which will hopefully have us remain one of most popular hotel destinations in Stockholm for a long time to come.