Club sandwich

Served with cornfed chicken breast, smashed avocado, salad,
tomatoes, bacon, chili mayonnaise and sourdough bread

309 SEK
Smashed avocado and poached egg

Served with poached eggs, herb marinated tomato, arugula salad,
sliced avocado and grilled sourdough bread

219 SEK
Smashed burrata

Served with tomato carpaccio, pine nuts, aged balsamic vinegar,
arugula and grilled sourdough bread

239 SEK
Halloumi Sandwich

Served with smashed avocado, sourdough bread, mayonnaise,
salad, tomatoes and pickled red onions

285 SEK

How do you want your eggs?


served on a toast with parsley and a mixed salad

110 SEK
Eggs Benedict

with brioche toast, english bacon,
hollandaise sauce and spinach

215 SEK
Eggs Royal

toasted brioche with sauteded spinach,
cold smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce

239 SEK

Bubble and Squeak


Homemade french fries

with chili mayonnaise

75 SEK
Fried Cauliflower

with chili mayonnaise

75 SEK
Tomato salad

onion, parsley and balsamic vinegear

59 SEK


Shrimp Salad

with sugar snaps, avocado, egg and rhode island dressing

275 SEK
Caesar Salad

with cornfed chicken breast, bacon, Caesar dressing,

parmegiano and croutons

275 SEK
Halloumi Salad

with dijon vinaigrette, haricots verts,

mixed salad, olives and potatoes

250 SEK

Pancakes and Waffles

Your choice of pancake or waffles

Pancakes topped

with fresh berries, fruit compote,

whipped vanilla cream and maple syrup

195 SEK
Waffles topped

with Nutella and banana

195 SEK
Caramelized orange pancake topped

with bacon and maple syrup

195 SEK

Craving for sweets?


with rum raisins, cantuccini and black berries

129 SEK
Apple and almond cake

with vanilla ice cream

135 SEK

vanilla ice cream and espresso

95 SEK
Ice Cream
60 SEK
Chocolate Truffle
49 SEK

*Any allergies? Speak with your waiter.