Welcome to Miss Clara's new meeting space. In this spacious room spanning 104 square meters, there are incredible opportunities for meetings and events.

The name behind the room harks back to the house's illustrious history as a girls' school. Therefore, we have chosen to name the rooms after important and strong women. The room Clara is named after Clara Strömberg, the enthusiastic headmistress who, in the early 20th century, guided her students at the Ateneum girls' school. With a passion for life and the courage to challenge norms, Clara Strömberg was a pioneer in Swedish education, and has always been a true source of inspiration for us at Miss Clara by Nobis.

​The room is equipped with tech solutions for video conferenses. But also with speakers, a projector, and a screen for lectures and presentations. As a conference guest with us, you always get fruit, candy, water, notepad, pen, flipchart, and wireless wifi.